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FreeLance Digital Affiliate Marketer- I believe that through Honest, Authentic, digital marketing, I can make a

honest living.

MInnesota Travel Guy is/was the first company that we started and is near and dear to our hearts.

We are however slowly moving over to the Freakinnomads, where we are selling our house, continuing digital marketing on the road with a

Fulltime RV lifestyle. We want to visit all the states and National Parks.

But here is the BIG WHY...

We also want to use a portion of all the profits of all our businesses, Amazon Influencer, Digital marketing, Affiliate marketing

to fund Pay it Forward Projects in each state that we visit.

We will do this With your help.

So know when you support us you are supporting a bigger cause, that we will show you through our

Social media.

Thank You, Thank You Thank You!!!

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For product videos

or if you would like to support us in any way,

in our Pay it Forward Projects

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About Me/US.


Lee Klocke and Susi Klocke they are a couple who have decided to embark on a new adventure in life. Lee is an Affiliate Marketer and an Amazon Influencer while Susi has worked in the medical field for most of her life. They have decided to sell their house and become full-time RVers, with the goal of visiting all 49 states and all the national parks.

But their trip is not just about sightseeing. Lee and Susi also plan to take on a Pay it Forward Project in each state they visit. They hope to make a positive impact in each community they visit, from building a ramp at a retired veteran's home to building outdoor play areas at animal shelters.

To help fund their Pay it Forward Projects, Lee and Susi have pledged a portion of all their profits from their businesses. By purchasing products from their businesses, you can be assured that you are supporting a good cause while also receiving high-quality products.

Join Lee and Susi on their journey as they explore the beauty of America and make a difference in the lives of those they meet along the way.

My Story

About Me.

Hi I am Lee Klocke, The Minnesota Travel Guy. I love to Travel; and Dine out, and Cook exquisite foods. I love to Adventure, and am a very free spirited guy.

Here is the problem with that, I really did not save up for retirement!! I hit 55 and realized, I have to do something or work until I die.

What do I do? I encourage adventure and travel, from day trips to full on trips to Costa Rica or Europe, Healthy living and Cooking. I think we should be able to do all of this without Fear.

Who Am I? I am an enabler of fun and adventure travel and healthy living, through education: travel and financial. Lets all learn together, so we

can make enough money fast, retire early and LIVE, with


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